Where'd the comic come from?

    -A friend in college began drawing a semi-regular comic and posting it on the dorm door last year. In challenge, I began my own. It seemed a shame to throw them away when I had spent so much time on them. Thus, comicfury.

How often do you post?

    -I'm a student, drawing in spare time. Sometimes there's a lot, sometimes not. It takes nearly as long to draw the thing as to give it legible handwriting in photoshop - so who knows? For now, I've got a little reserve stored up. We'll see how a Monday, Wednesday, Friday comic goes for the time being.

What are those weird words on all your comics?

    -You mean [mɪstʃɪf mænədʒd], right? It's the international phonetic alphabet - which linguists can use to record any sound humans make - version of "mischief managed." For more, take a glance at "IPA" on wikipedia.

Is that all?

    -I think so, for now. Let me know if there's anything else, though. I'll respond as best - and quickly - as I can.